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Currently, there are 170 active collegiate chapters and colonies hosted at universities and colleges throughout the United States.


Since 1869, Sigma Nu has proudly initiated more than 230,000 members.

Our Membership

To Believe in the Life of Love.To Walk in the Way of Honor. To Serve in the Light of Truth-This is the Life, the Way, and the Light of Sigma Nu --This is the Creed of our Fraternity. Mission: To develop ethical leaders inspired by the principles of Love, Honor and Truth. To foster the personal growth of each man’s mind, heart and character. To perpetuate lifelong friendships and commitment to the Fraternity.


Sigma Nu International Fraternity, Inc. was founded on January 1, 1869 at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) located in the heart of Lexington, Virginia. While attending VMI, our founders were concerned at the amount of hazing that took place and sought to create an organization that opposed this dangerous behavior. Inspired by the principles of Love, Truth, & Honor our founders created The Legion of Honor which would become who we are now: SIGMA NU INTERNATIONAL FRATERNITY. More than 100 years later, the beliefs and traditions of Sigma Nu live on each day, throughout college campuses across the U.S. and Canada. 

The Lambda Chi Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity was chartered on February 23, 1991 on the campus of California State University of San Bernardino. Our organization has long been recognized as the top fraternity and brotherhood on campus with over 50 active members and 300+ alumni members. We are Knights in Sigma Nu but we are proud to be Coyotes. GO YOTES!!! 

2014 State of our Fraternity & Foundation Report.

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