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What can a fraternity do to benefit the community in which it is located? Simply put, get involved. So, how do we get involved? How do we determine which organizations to help?


There are numerous community organizations that need the help of fraternities and sororities. From volunteer work to fundraising efforts, fraternity and sorority members bring added enthusiasm and exuberance needed by these organizations to fulfill their missions and efforts. The challenge for a fraternity chapter is choosing which organization and effort to support. Sigma Nu Fraternity has established the Helping Hand Initiative to help make this decision easier.



What is the Helping Hand Initiative


In 2004, at the 61st Grand Chapter, Sigma Nu Fraternity established the Helping Hand Initiative, the official international philanthropic and service effort of Sigma Nu. The Helping Hand Initiative consisted of two primary components: Founders' Week-of-Service and the Helping Hand Partners.


In 2008, at the 63rd Grand Chapter, Sigma Nu Fraternity expanded the Helping Hand Initiative's Founders' Week-of-Service into the Founders' Month-of-Service. Beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, the month of April will be the Founders' Month-of-Service to coincide with the April 1 birth date of founder Greenfield Quarles.


The Helping Hand Partners consists of three philanthropic and service-based organizations whose efforts are closely related to the mission of Sigma Nu. The Helping Hand Partners are:


  • The Paul "Bear" Bryant Awards


  • Habitat-for-Humanity

  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


Participation in the Helping Hand Initiative will benefit not only the community, but will benefit the collegiate chapters and members of Sigma Nu as well. By participating in the Helping Hand Initiative, chapter members will continue to build various skills such as: Project Management, Communication Skills, Networking Skills and Leadership Development. The collegiate chapters will also benefit by improving community relations, building a positive chapter image and furthering the brotherhood of the chapter.


The Helping Hand Initiative exhibits a flexible, multi-faceted model of organizational interaction established to meet not only the needs of Sigma Nu chapters, but the needs of the community organization(s) with whom the chapters are working. The Helping Hand Initiative was NOT established to replace any community service or philanthropic traditions that may exist at any individual chapter. Rather, the Helping Hand Initiative was established to further the efforts of the collegiate chapters in regard to community service and philanthropy. The Helping Hand Initiative was established to promote the service and philanthropic efforts of the collegiate chapters and place Sigma Nu members, everywhere, in a position to realize the benefits and satisfaction of being a servant leader.



How Does the Helping Hand benefit Sigma Nu


The Helping Hand Initiative offers tremendous potential benefit to Sigma Nu chapters and members. Through their involvement, members have the opportunity to give back to the communities that have supported the fraternity for so long and members will be able to learn first-hand the benefits of being servant leaders. Furthermore, involvement in an international community initiative gives Sigma Nu chapters the opportunity to reaffirm the essence of what it means to be a fraternity.


- What's in it for the Members:

  • Project Management Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Event Planning

  • Networking

  • Leadership Development

  • Meeting Deadlines

  • Vendor Negotiations


What's in it for the Sigma Nu @ CSUSB:

  • Project Management Skills for New Members and/or Officers

  • "On-the-job" Training for new Officers

  • Community Relations

  • Stronger Brotherhood

  • Improved Alumni Involvement/Relations

  • Improved Sorority Relations

  • Recruitment

  • Standards Fulfillment

  • New Member Event

  • Chapter Image



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