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The LEAD Program is Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.'s membership development program. All members and candidates should participate in this comprehensive ethical leadership development program. LEAD is an acronym for Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, and Development. The purpose of LEAD is to develop ethical leaders for society, brothers who will make an impact on their chapter, campus and community.


The Program is designed to ensure participants "learn by doing.” Sessions include exercises, simulations and discussions to highlight leadership issues students will face while in school and later in their lives and careers.


Each of the phases includes a unique curriculum. Phases within the program have been designed to coincide with each member's year in school and level of individual development - Phase I for Candidates, Phase II for second year members (Sophomores), Phase III for third year members (Juniors), Phase IV for members preparing to graduate (Seniors), and All-Chapter for the entire membership.


The LEAD Program was originally developed by the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation. Sigma Nu Fraternity is able to implement the program through the generous support of the Foundation, which is in turn supported by Sigma Nu alumni.





  • Because it works

  • Because Sigma Nu is committed to giving brothers the skills they need to be successful, now and after graduation.

  • Because Sigma Nu understands that a fraternity must help members grow as people, leaders, students and brothers.

  • Because Sigma Nu does not stand for the status quo.

  • Because Sigma Nu believes in strong friendships. Brotherhood should mean friends for life.

  • Because Sigma Nu believes collegians should be active in the Fraternity during their entire time in school and after.

  • Because Sigma Nu believes that juniors and seniors have important roles to play in their chapters and valuable insights to share.

  • Because continuous improvement is the hallmark of Sigma Nu's success. LEAD gives chapters the tools they need to evaluate where they are, set their direction and work toward achieving their goals.



What does the LEAD Program do for Sigma Nu members?


  • Build self confidence

  • Help members attain a strong sense of achievement

  • Develop leadership skills in members and officers

  • Improve communication skills

  • Help members reflect on leadership and ethical issues

  • Help members become better team players

  • Develop problem-solving skills

  • Build character

  • Help members get involved in extracurricular activities

  • Develop critical thinking skills



What is the vision for the LEAD Program?


  • LEAD will become a positive force in the development of young men.

  • LEAD will include sessions that are interactive, reflective, exciting and interesting.

  • LEAD will attract outstanding faculty and staff members, excellent alumni and talented collegians in their junior and senior years to facilitate sessions.

  • LEAD will be a program that brothers want to participate in and it will focus on personal improvement.

  • LEAD will be a program that will greatly benefit participants. The experiences and knowledge gained will be highly regarded by prospective employers.

  • LEAD will offer alumni the opportunity to give back to their chapters. It will involve alumni facilitators who are enthusiastic about teaching and interacting with collegians.

  • LEAD will inspire members to strive for excellence and continued improvement.

  • LEAD will be a program that is respected by other fraternity and sorority members, university administrators and the public.

  • LEAD will truly make a difference in the lives of the participants.

  • LEAD will create outstanding leaders, leaders who will challenge the process, inspire a shared vision, enable others to act, model the way and encourage the heart.

  • LEAD will help collegians realize their potential as leaders, students, brothers and human beings.

  • LEAD will teach that service to others is invaluable. It will encourage collegians to participate in service projects for the right reasons.

  • LEAD will offer collegians the most outstanding leadership and teambuilding resources of any Greek organization.

  • LEAD will focus on instilling the values for which Sigma Nu stands.

  • LEAD will promote friendships for life.


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